Hey Beauties!

I'm Petra, a beauty blogger from Slovenia. Media communications is my study path, but my first love is makeup. I love the fact that makeup can change the whole look of a person. It's a form of expressing and having fun. I am not professionally thought. This is just me, sharing my love and my knowledge on this blog. Makeup looks and product reviews are my passion. I also do some nail art and occasional DIYs.

In order to get to know me quickly, you should know that I love everything peach and gold colored. If I would be a scent, I would be coconut. Leopard and baroque are my favorite prints on anything. Highlighter is my obsession and I almost never do a look without winged liner. 

I hope you like my happy creative place and you'll find something interesting for you.

Petra :)

For any questions or opinions you can contact me at adjusting.beauty@gmail.com.